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How COVID is changing the world - and the way we experience property.

Transport. Handshakes. Shopping. Sanitiser. Schooling. Socialising. Accessing services. Workplaces. Leisure activities. Even the perceived value of toilet paper.

These are just a few of the things that have changed in a post-COVID introduced world… And the way we experience property and spaces is no different.

In fact, as we reflect on the massive changes of the past 18 months (seriously, does that timeframe even feel right?!) an article springs to mind that we recently read on how live entertainment has and will continue to change in a post-pandemic world.

There were some interesting quotes from some key players in live entertainment which we think tend to transcend the performance industry and bleed into our life everywhere.

One of the absolute stand outs? Clive Gillison, executive and artistic director of Carnegie Hall saying, “coming together physically is irreplaceable, but we can reach many more people virtually.”

Think about it… nothing can replace the experience of being somewhere in the flesh. But let’s acknowledge the fact that even without a pandemic and its impacts, it’s impossible for everyone to be able to visit all the places and see the all things they want to see.

Which is where virtual tours come in. Virtual opens the doors (see what we did there?) to a whole new world and suddenly a whole new demographic of people can be granted access to things and places they’ve never before been able to.

Another one of our favourite reflections from the article comes from Emily Doyle Moore from Santa Fe Opera who believes that even when everything returns to normal, virtual will still be a steady constant in our lives, saying “it doesn’t replace live, but it will always be a complementary.”

Rather than detracting from live performances, events, tourism and attractions, virtual will only enhance opportunities for those progressive and forward-thinking enough to accommodate and implement it. With double the potential audience, virtual will only expand the way we intake rather than lower overall audience numbers.

In a post-pandemic world, it’s important to consider the fact that virtual tours are a way to increase awareness, audiences and views. And here at Little Hinges, we sum this all up in one small sentence. Little Hinges (and virtual tours) swing big doors. Big doors that might not be opened any other way.

Virtual tours work seamlessly alongside traditional, live viewing to create more opportunity and create ‘new’ experiences. So now it’s time to ask yourself the question. Have you gotten ahead of the curve by adopting virtual tour tech and expanding your viewership to more than those who could just physically attend? Or are you missing out on opportunities easily harnessed through a powerful tour at a tiny price?

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