The Little Hinges Story

They say little hinges swing big doors, we're well on our way to making every property inspection 1-click away.  

Our Journey So Far

April '20


Technician team established to service Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast.

July '20


After validating the business model through the height of Covid-19 in Australia, full-time technicians were hired in Gold Coast and Cairns, expanding our Queensland coverage.


Meet the team behind Little Hinges

We have a world-class team, deeply aligned in our mission to enable 1-click property inspections from any device.

Executive Team

Josh Callaghan

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Chief Executive Officer

Mike York

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Chief Marketing Officer

The Team

Nicola Briggs

Business Development Manager

Anastasia Murray

Head of Production & Quality

Christian Thomsen

National Key Account Manager

Gemma Hillier

Customer Experience Agent

Joshua Conaghan

Senior Developer

Sarah Shubert

People Manager

Rheanna Benussi

Post Production Specialist

Caitlin Dale

Post Production Specialist

Jordan Bromley

Virtual Tour Technician Trainer

Thomas McGarry

Post Production Specialist

Amanda Boniface

Customer Success Manager

Nicholas Thompson

Senior Virtual Tour Technician

Damien Freudenreich

Virtual Tour Technician

Jang Un Lee

Virtual Tour Technician

Joshua Rocca

Virtual Tour Technician

Tianna Mueller

Virtual Tour Technician

Gabrielle Moore

Customer Success Specialist

Ryan Fiedler

Virtual Tour Technician

Jesse Bucher

Virtual Tour Technician

Jason Martins

Virtual Tour Technician

Join the team!

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