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Agent Tool Kit

The ultimate guide to help you use Little Hinges Virtual Tours as your secret weapon to open up properties to all potential buyers 24/7, driving interstate interest and increasing competition to get the highest sale price.

Little Hinges Virtual Tours include:


Getting your vendor on board

  1. Showcase your competitive advantage
    A virtual tour opens up the property to all buyers 24/7, including those interstate, increasing competition and driving in more offers.

  2. Give them a taste
    Share a tour and show them your Little Hinges Insights Portal.

  3. Share your success stories
    Showcase previous wins and case studies with virtual tours.

Buying a House

How to market your virtual tour

  • Add your virtual tour link to your property listing. Don’t forget to upload your free floorplan to your property listing too.

  • Share your QR code on flyers, letterbox drops and street signage. Anywhere you want buyers to be able to inspect instantly!

  • Send the link to your virtual tour to your email database and directly to any new enquiries that come through about the property.

  • Share your virtual tour on social media.


30 second script to convince any vendor

"A virtual tour opens up your home to all potential buyers 24/7, including those interstate and busy locals unable to visit your open home.

More visitors means more interest, which creates more competition and drives the highest sale price.

A virtual tour allows buyers to explore your home in such detail that they'll be a hot lead and one step closer to making an offer when they enquire!"


Top 5 vendor questions

Some quick and easy answers for the most common questions real estate professionals get asked, so that you can show your vendor that you’re the best agent for the job.


Get the most out of your Insights Portal

Your scan has been delivered and your client is thrilled... so what's next? Watch our guide on how to use your Insights Portal to wow your vendor and track how your campaign is performing.


Creating your tour is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Click on the icons to learn more about each simple step.