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Schools Using Virtual Tours to Highlight Facilities and Events, Despite Lockdowns

Schools around the country are turning to virtual tours to showcase their facilities and offer parents, teachers and students new ways to engage with school events.

Grace Lutheran Primary School came to Little Hinges after lockdowns meant new parents were unable to tour facilities ahead of their children starting school.

Our team packed a virtual tour of the Preparatory Rooms with matter tags - data points that showcase points of interest throughout the tour - allowing parents to take a tour of the facilities without ever setting foot on site. This meant the school was able to ensure parents felt comfortable choosing the school for their children, and parents were better able to prepare their kids for their first day of school.

Brisbane Boys Grammar had to pivot to online after recent lockdowns and restrictions prevented them from hosting their 2021 Annual Art Show in person.

Little Hinges worked with BBG to virtualise their art show, highlighting individual student artworks using matter tags. Guests were able to move around the art show as if they were there in person, stopping to spend as much time as they liked viewing each piece.

Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) approached Little Hinges after seeing our work on similar projects, and after Brisbane's most recent lockdowns. The school wanted to honour the hard work put in by students, but in a safe and responsible way.

Similarly to the Brisbane Grammar School Art Show, we inserted multiple matter tags to highlight the details of each artwork, allowing parents, teachers and students to browse the art show safely, from the comfort of their own homes.

The school now has a record of the show that it can utilise in marketing materials and a way of preserving the show for years to come.