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Little Hinges Welcomes Matt Quilty as General Manager

This month, we’ve welcomed a bunch of brand new team members into the Little Hinges fold, including General Manager, Matt Quilty. Matt comes to us from Flight Centre and Budget Direct, and as an ex-developer, he’s obsessed with streamlining processes and really listening to his team. We sat down with Matt to find out what he’s planning on tackling first in his new role.

LH: Tell us a little about yourself.

MQ: I have a beautiful family with two kids aged 5 and 18 months, and my favourite thing to do is to spend time with them. We’ve invested heavily in camping gear over the last few months and I can’t wait to take them on some outdoor adventures.

LH: What’s been your career journey to date?

MQ: I started my career as a web developer, writing code as a freelancer for a couple of years after university alongside playing rugby union. I ended up at Flight Centre for almost seven years, progressing from a developer all the way up to managing the development team before I left in mid 2019 and I moved across to Budget Direct. I left Flight Centre for a couple of reasons, namely because I wanted to test my leadership ability in an environment where I had to learn the product completely from scratch. I couldn’t rely on my tech knowledge, I wanted to put my trust in a team and really test my leadership ability, helping to facilitate their success.

I was at Budget Direct for two years and worked with an amazing team before deciding to move to an industry that wasn’t as highly regulated, and where I’d be able to move fast.

LH: How has that career journey set you up for your next role - GM at Little Hinges?

MQ: At Flight Centre, I followed the promoted path. I went from developer to management, then started to struggle with the fact that I could do the technical work better than the teams I managed. As a result, I started failing as a manager, micromanaging, handling conflict resolution poorly - I just wasn’t doing a good job. I decided I wanted to become the best manager I could be and started consuming as much information as I could about leadership via books, podcasts, conferences. I started to learn about leadership as a skill, rather than thinking of it as an innate ability. After moving to Budget Direct, I was able to test that leadership ability and find ways of adding value to people who were already excellent at their roles. I was forced to listen to my team because I didn’t have all the answers.

As an ex-developer, I also hate inefficiency and I don’t like doing the same things over and over again. I want to build systems that make processes more efficient. I want to make the Little Hinges’ team’s jobs easier.

LH: Why did you decide to come on board at Little Hinges?

MQ: I’d known a couple of the team for a long time, and after seeing a few posts on Linkedin, I reached out. What really struck me after those initial conversations was the transparent nature of the interview process, and how aligned my values were with those of the company. When I heard about Little Hinges’ dedication to boldness and trusting relentlessly, I knew this was a company I wanted to work for.

I was also ready to work for an organisation where things moved fast - and that’s definitely something Little Hinges is known for! I am genuinely excited about coming to work on a Monday and have a real opportunity to take everything I have learned and inject it into the culture at a fast growing startup.

LH: What are you most excited to get started on?

MQ: I’m so impressed at how hard the team are working and I’m excited to find ways to make their lives easier. I want the team to be able to spend more time working ON the business and not IN the business, and I think there are huge opportunities once we start to free up the team’s time to be more strategic.

LH: Why do you think the property experience needs to be digitised?

MQ: Buying a house is too hard. There shouldn’t be as many friction points as there are. We need to make it easier. I’m looking forward to changing the attitudes of people in the industry and showing them that it’s time to do things differently.

LH: Where do you see Little Hinges in the next 5 years?

MQ: I want us to be part of more than half of all property sales that happen in this country, whether that’s through the tours themselves or through the data we’re able to give real estate agents access to.