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Kindred Group's Adam Clark-Lynch on how he changed his mind about Virtual Tours

Adam Clark-Lynch of Kindred Property Group was a self-confessed sceptic when it came to virtual tours. However, when most of Australia went into lockdown, virtual tours became a non-negotiable part of his sales process. We sat down with Adam to find out why he'll always insist on virtual tours for his listings.

LH: Why did you decide to add virtual tours to your marketing activity?

ACL: "I have to admit, I didn't fully believe that people would buy a property without having viewed it in person - until COVID came along. We had to start thinking outside the box to ensure we were doing the best job for our vendors, and getting their properties sold for the best possible price.

I started implementing virtual tours alongside a FaceTime viewing on all new listings during lockdown, which allows potential buyers to build up trust with me as the agent, while also feeling confident that a property is right for them.

As a result, I've sold seven properties this calendar year without physical inspections, and am expecting this trend to continue."

LH: What made you choose Little Hinges?

ACL: "Little Hinges offers the best service - it's really easy to book a tour and have a technician out on site quickly. For example, I was able to book a tour online on a Sunday, without having to talk to anyone on the team, using the simple online booking system."

LH: How have your results changed since adding virtual tours?

ACL: "I've been able to attribute the sale of seven properties without a physical inspection to a combined virtual tour and FaceTime approach, sales I would not have been able to make without this strategy. Having virtual tours as part of my sales process has also helped with listing presentations, showing potential vendors how I can sell properties without just the traditional photos, using every bit of technology available to get them the best possible price in the fastest time."

LH: What do you say to vendors to get them excited about adding virtual tours to their marketing mix?

ACL: "Vendors are usually excited about adding a virtual tour to the marketing of their property. It helps them feel confident that I am doing everything possible to sell their property and that I won't cut any corners. It helps vendors feel as though we're leaving no stone unturned in finding the best buyer for their property."

LH: What has been the feedback from vendors since adding virtual tours to your marketing mix?

ACL: "Vendors love it. It helps them feel like we're doing the best job for them.

I'm not a confident advocate for virtual tours, and make sure they are a part of every new listing."