• Little Hinges

Media Release: Buyer leads on autopilot, that’s the claim of this new vendor-paid proptech

Real estate agents can now capture lead data from every virtual inspection with Little Hinges’ Inspect Now platform which launched this week.

According to Little Hinges co-founder and CEO, Josh Callaghan, “top real estate agents all want to capture more leads and qualify them faster, so they can spend more time on the buyers with the highest propensity to purchase.”

“They also understand that the way people inspect homes is changing. According to Zoom Qualtrics, 57% of Australians would prefer to undertake real estate transactions using a hybrid model of virtual and in-person, meaning agents can no longer afford to ignore the shouts from buyers and sellers to adapt to this new normal.”

“We want to give real estate agents the ability to use our digital tools to capture, qualify and convert serious buyers, while also allowing buyers to inspect property anywhere, anytime when they are the most engaged in their property search.”

Inspect Now, launched this week, is a digital platform that integrates Little Hinges’ millimetre accurate 3D virtual tours with an AI designed to capture the details of every buyer who inspects, building agents’ databases from lead through to listing.

Buyers will be prompted to add their details and where they are in their purchase journey before viewing the tour, can place non-binding offers and will be able to share how much they think a property is worth. Agents will also be able to see how long buyers spend inspecting different areas of the property, and where they are inspecting from.

The platform will also open properties up to the 30% of digital inspections that are not from the state the property was located in, based on an analysis of 300,000 monthly buyers to Little Hinges virtual inspection platform.

Mr Callaghan said, “Sellers want to make their properties available to cashed-up interstate and international buyers who can’t attend in-person open homes. Inspect Now will not only allow these buyers to inspect, but will also allow them to place an offer and demonstrate their propensity to buy to the agent.”

“Inspect Now will allow buyers to make offers and engage directly with agents, speeding up an agent’s ability to get a property sold quickly and for the highest price.”

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