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Case Study: Jawa Camper Trailers

The team behind family-run Jawa Camper Trailers reached out to us to help them market their award-winning campers and trailers to their primarily interstate and international market. We worked with them to scan their most popular vehicles to create an asset that could be used across marketing and sales activity.

"We point everyone in the direction of the walkthroughs now." - Emma, Marketing Manager

We sat down with the team at Jawa to learn more about how virtual tours have changed the way they market their products.

LH: Why did you decide to add virtual tours to your marketing activity?

Emma: We sell a lot of our vans to customers who live interstate and overseas. Many of our customers can't make it to our showroom, and this is a way for them to inspect the vans in detail. The scans are accurate to within a millimetre, which gives our customers a really good idea of what the vans are like on the inside, and allows them to compare our different products to find out what's right for them.

"So far, we've had 9,000 visitors through the virtual doors of our vans in just a few weeks. Each person spends an average of 3 minutes inspecting. Not bad for vans that are only around 8-10sqm!"

LH: How has your marketing changed since adding virtual tours?

Emma: A lot! We have started to include links in our campaigns and mailouts, and we'll be sharing the virtual tours in our monthly blog posts. We're doing everything we can to drive customers to the tours because we know they are going to be a great conversion tool for us.

LH: How are you using virtual tours to showcase your campervans to interstate and international buyers?

Emma: It's still fairly new, but we've already had an overwhelming positive response. Many customers are walking through the vans virtually before they purchase. In the past we were having to schedule video walkthroughs with clients, which was time consuming, and also didn't really let the customer view the van on their own time. They also couldn't go back and look at the different elements of the van that interested them the most. A virtual tour also lets our customers share a link to the van they love with their partners or family, which is perfect if they can't attend the showroom.

LH: What made you choose Little Hinges?

Emma: The team (especially Nicola!) were so easy to chat to, and were great explaining to a novice like me! The team were professional and communication was fantastic, and the outcome was really high quality. We're already planning more tours of some of our other vans and will be adding them to our marketing assets ASAP.

Ready to book a virtual tour? Contact our team on 1300 BOOK VT.